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Metropoint is open Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturdays 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. After-hours tenant and visitor access is controlled by cardkey access and check-in procedures. The following are procedures for tenant-access (after-hours) to each building at Metropoint 600.

Tenants needing access to their suite after hours must enter the building on the first floor and check in at the Security Desk. At the Security Desk you will be required to sign in with the security guard and show identification before being allowed access to your desired floor. Upon showing identification, the guard will release an elevator that will allow you to proceed to the desired floor. Metropoint 300, 400 and 435.

After-hours, tenants enter their respective building with their building cardkey. Upon entering a passenger elevator, the tenant contacts the Security Desk using the elevator intercom. Security will release the elevator that will allow you to proceed to the desired floor.

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Type of Request Contact Telephone Number
Accounting Information Cushman & Wakefield (952) 546-8700
Conference Room Reservations Cushman & Wakefield (952) 546-8700
Construction Services Cushman & Wakefield (952) 546-8700
Emergency (After-Hours) Cushman & Wakefield (952) 546-8700
General Information Cushman & Wakefield (952) 546-8700
Heating & Cooling Requests Cushman & Wakefield (952) 546-8700
Maintenance Requests Cushman & Wakefield (952) 546-8700
Leasing Information Colliers International
Kevin O'Neill
Michael Gelfman
(612) 751-6463
(612) 760-1912

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